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Princeton, NJ

Abbey Dufoe

I love concerts, mountains & ice hockey.
Recent environmental journalism grad.
Current web producer.



From moths to music: Life for PhD biologists isn't all science

The lab is as expected to a non-scientist — one that you would see in the movies. Black counter-tops line three walls. Unrecognizable instruments litter open surfaces. Refrigerators adorned with signs stating “no human food” are nestled between larger instruments. Keaton Wilson takes over a corner of the room in the University of Montana Biological Research Building.
Montana Kaimin, University of Montana Link to Story

Avalanche fatalities rising; snowmobilers and skiers affected

Kaleb Retz was snowmobiling in an open clear cut when the terrain suddenly became very steep. “It happened so fast, I didn’t really know what was going on until it was over,” he said. Retz, a marketing major at the University of Montana, was caught in an avalanche for just a few seconds but didn’t get buried in the snow.
Montana Kaimin, University of Montana Link to Story

Environmental entrepreneur Mark Vander Meer takes on poplars

Amongst forest treasures, like antlers and pine cones, he sits in his office, taming his long white beard with his left hand. He sends e-mails while overlooking his lumber yard. “I don’t have a cell phone. Well I do, but I don’t know where it is,” Vander Meer says while leafing through his address book: pages of contact information, typed out in 10-point font. Link to Story

Citizen scientists help with plant collection at Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

It’s brisk, but not quite cold enough for the ponds to be frozen.Canada Geese and mallards swim in the reflection of Bass Peak and St. Joseph Peak, which are capped with snow. A visitor might spot badger, kingfisher or sandhill crane. But to Joan and Gary Dickerson, the plants that support such diverse wildlife are the most interesting part of the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. Link to Story


Abbey Dufoe

I current reside in Princeton, NJ where I work on all things digital at Climate Central - a non-profit research and journalism organization focusing on climate change.

I've recently graduated with my master's in environmental journalism from the University of Montana. I have blogged for iPhone Life Magazine, freelanced for Backpacker Magazine, and worked for UM's newspaper and magazine.



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